Stinker Lets Loose! The 42nd Anniversary Deluxe Edition

C.J. McKnight’s outrageous 1977 Stinker Lets Loose! soundtrack is back, in this restored, remixed, and remastered Deluxe 42nd Anniversary Edition that includes ultra-rare bonus tracks and authoritative liner notes, ready to be consumed again by movie and music lovers of all stars and stripes!

As featured in the New York Times best-seling production of Stinker Lets Loose! based on James Taylor Johnston’s novelization of the 1977 classic cult movie that brought you Stinker, Jumbo, Boner, Rascal, and the whole CB-radio-totin', Schlitz-haulin' gang. All courtesy of the good people at Burger Records. AVAILABLE on CASSETTE, COMPACT DISK, or via DIGITAL DOWNLOAD.

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Stinker Lets Loose!: This here’s the version from the movie, with slightly racy lyrics that really were how CB’ers talked, not meaning to offend. I don’t think Uncle C.J. intended to, anyway. A polite version was released to radio (included as bonus track).

Makin’ Time: A cowbell-clankin’ road song, for when Stinker and his crew (Boner, Jumbo, the lady, Rascal the chimp) are “makin’ time on 95,” headed up to Watergate City—aka Bullsh*t City, aka Washington, DC—to deliver that six o’ Schlitz to the POTUS.

The Legend of Stinker: Just what it says it is. Listen to ol’ C.J. honkin’ that harmonica! The girlie chorus was C.J.’s girlfriend at the time, Rita Jane (last name unknown), triple tracked or something.

Ears On: Some banjo and pedal-steel pickin’ with a little horn-dog CB talk that C.J. captured with a field recorder, or so the story goes. For mature audiences only!

The Ballad of Boner: Stinker’s pal Boner’s favorite jam and theme song, which he listens to on eight-track in the movie. C.J. said this was recorded live at Panther Hall in Fort Worth, but I doubt he ever played there.

Stake Out: Creepy crawlies in a Carolina swamp! Including the big bad Smokey (and the little one too), laying a trap for Stinker and his crew. Good luck with that, son! Ha ha!


Ears On, Part Two: C.J. never wasted anything. Here’s a reprise of “Ears On,” with more pedal steel and without the lot lizards or lovelorn lurkers.

Oh! Rascal: A tender love song about a lower primate. Ol’ C.J. insisted on singing this through his trusty Cobra CB radio right there in the studio. Far out!

Stinker Lets Loose! (End Credits): Instrumental mix of the theme song. Perfect for doing Stinker karaoke, either at home or while sitting in Shakeytown traffic!

*Stinker Strikes Back: A super rarity! The theme song of the 1979 sequel to Stinker Lets Loose! Sounds like C.J.’s mailing this one in… and having the time of his life. Shoulda been a hit!

*Stinker Lets Loose! (Radio Mix): No beaver, no muff. This is the version commonly heard on regional radio in the late 70s.

*Radio Promo: Found this 30-second plug in a box of C.J.’s stuff. A half minute of quick-talkin’ jive. 10-4!

*bonus track.

Played by C.J. McKnight and His Band

C.J. McKnight—vocals, guitars, bass, harmonica, Jaw harp

Don Piper—vocals, banjo, clavinet

Dan B. Green—lead guitar, bass

Dan Iead—pedal steel

Konrad Meissner—drums, percussion

Rita Jane—vocal on “The Legend of Stinker”


Originally released 1977-1979

Recorded at C.J.’s Shack, Phoenix, AZ

Produced by C.J. McKnight

Original soundtrack supervisor: Stuey Reed


Anniversary Re-release produced by Mark Rozzo and Don Piper

Restored and remixed by Don Piper at Fly Sparrow Studio, NYC

Remastered by David Voigt at Beyond Notes Recording + Reproducing, NYC

Rescued from obscurity by Mike Sacks and Mark Rozzo

That man, he like to ride—ride, ride, ride/Straight to his beer
C.J. phoning it in, mid-70s.

C.J. phoning it in, mid-70s.